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These frequently asked questions are related to nutrition and diet recommendations. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please feel free to call us at 217-483-6000.

How much food should I feed my pet?

You should feed your pet enough to maintain an ideal weight. This amount will vary with the brand of food you feed and the activity level of your pet.

Should I feed my pet table scraps or a commercial dog food?
Commercial dog food is far superior in digestibility and represents a much more balanced diet for our pets.
What are the differences among pet food?
The major differences are digestibility, ingredients, and quality control. Ingredients must be listed on the bag. Digestibility and quality control are more difficult issues to assess.
What should I feed my dog?
Choose a national brand dog food and stick with it unless your pet has a problem.
What should I feed my cat?

Choose a national brand of cat food and stick with it unless your pet has a problem.

Why shouldn't I feed my puppy and my four-year-old dog the same food?

The nutritional needs of a puppy and a four-year-old dog are quite different. They need different foods to meet those needs.

How can I help my pet lose weight?

Specific high fiber diets are available that make it easier for your pet to lose weight.

What types of vitamins or supplements should I give my pet?

Pets on a good commercial brand of pet food really do not need supplements unless they are experiencing some problem. For pets getting a less than ideal diet supplemented with table scraps and handouts from the kids, a good one-a-day type multivitamin might be advisable.